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Ryan Farley, a Registered Maine Guide and Risk Taker Extraordinaire & Tawny Farley, Certified Life Coach, Behavior Change Specialist, & Health Guru, want to share our love for adventure and adventuring life lessons with you! Step out of old routines and habits, get motivated and inspired, live life with an adventure mindset. Explore how to push through it, discover what getting comfortable with being uncomfortable means and answer the call to make the unfamiliar, familiar!

“Full attention and spontaneity are the keys to power, and the first step in improving those qualities is shedding light on our dim unconscious realms.”

The Rock Warrior’s Way
-Arno Ilgner

“We now see challenges as something to be sought after for the growth they bring. We see that life’s journey is worth the courage it takes to have adventures as part of our daily life.”

Your Adventurous Life Awaits
-Maryann & Brian Remsburg

Waypoint Definitions:

An intermediate point on a route or line of travel

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

Place where you stop during a journey

Oxford Dictionary

A place or point between major points on a route


  • Summer Lessons for Winter
    Winter is such a dreary time here in the Northeast. Of course there are those winter lovers who adore the snow and season but I’d have to argue they are exceptions to the rule.Almost everyone I know falls victim to the winter blues at least once during the season. The snow, the gray skies, lackContinue reading “Summer Lessons for Winter”
  • Tragedy Trending
    I  like to review what’s trending in the social media world.  Typically what’s trending on social media is a good indicator of what’s going on in the world.  In the last few years it appears that there is always a wildfire burning out of control, a sink hole swallowing homes, a storm brewing in theContinue reading “Tragedy Trending”
  • A Shout Out.
    My husband has this habit that I know he’s not aware of.  It took me a while to realize he wasn’t  doing it on purpose, at least not consciously.  When he drives,  if the car in front of him flashes a turning signal or their break lights come on,  he will suddenly speed up.  It’sContinue reading “A Shout Out.”

We help people push through it, get comfortable with being uncomfortable, make the unfamiliar, familiar and face the challenges of life with an adventure mindset!