Big Dreams


Have you ever tried to set a goal that seemed unrealistic?  You know how some people say “dream big”?  You dream really big, like someday I’m going to own the first amusement park on the moon.  Then the goal falls by the wayside because it was so unrealistic you knew it wouldn’t ever happen.  Well here’s some things I’ve learned about dreaming big;

1.     Sometimes the thing that stops us from the big dream is our own doubt that we can achieve it.  For instance saving money for a big trip seems unrealistic so we never start to save.  Sometimes the job we want seems so out of our level of qualification we never take those little steps to begin gaining the qualifications to reach that level. There were plenty of times in my life when I felt like I would never accomplish things.  The odds seemed stacked against me.  In middle school, graduating high school seemed like a million years away.  In high school graduating from college seemed a million years away.  When I was 13, turning 16 and getting my license seemed like it would never happen.  When I was 16, turning 18 seemed like it would never come.  When I turned 18 I couldn’t wait to turn 21.  When I turned 21 I never thought I’d turn 30.  I’ll stop there and just say 30 came and went.  When we were selling our home it seemed like it would never sell.  When we built our home, it seemed like it would never be complete.  When I started blogging I didn’t think anyone would read it.  (Thanks Mom.)  Hopefully you get my point.  Now when I have a goal or a big dream I remind myself of all those things that I thought would never happen and how they all happened.  Some of them took longer than others.  They all required patience.  A big dream might take years to accomplish.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.

2.     My big dream doesn’t have to be your big dream.  In fact my big dream doesn’t have to be big at all.  When I graduated college I was one of the few people in my family, on both my mom and dad sides that had a college degree.  In fact for my generation,  I was the first to get a high school diploma on my moms side and the second to get a college degree on my dads.  I’m not saying it to brag.  I’m making the point that to some people graduating from high school is a much bigger accomplishment than it is for others.  Your big dream might be to win a triathlon when I would be happy just being able to compete.  My big dream might be making it through a week with no sugar and yours might be to someday open a cupcake bakery.  Your big dream doesn’t need approval from anyone else.  If it’s your big dream than dream it.  You never know.  Someday you might own a cupcake bakery that caters triathlons.  (I hope it’s not the same week I quit sugar and decide to compete.)


3.  Failure and setbacks are part of the journey.  Sometimes we set a big goal and try to accomplish it the only way we know how.  Then we fail.  Failing is discouraging and it’s easy to give up after.  But it can also lead you to the path of success.  You may not have succeeded but you know one thing.  You know what doesn’t work.  Now you can try it differently…and keep trying, until you get it right.  I’m not afraid to fail.  I know it doesn’t really matter what other people think of my failure.  Don’t be afraid of failing.  Don’t be afraid about what other people think of your failing.  What’s important is that we’re trying and that’s what brings us closer to success.  When we fail we’ve accomplished more than we would have if we hadn’t tried.  Olympic athletes had to start out somehow right?  They weren’t born Olympic athletes. (Well ok, they may have been born with the right combination of muscle fibers but they still had to train.)   Failure causes us to evaluate why we failed and devise a better course of action.  So although we failed, we still gained wisdom.  It also makes accomplishments that much more rewarding.  In failing we become better at succeeding.


4.     Once you can envision it, you can do it.  We used to have a trampoline in our back yard.  My kids would jump on it and do flips of all sorts.  It looked like so much fun.  However, every time I got on the trampoline I couldn’t do a back flip. I kept watching my kids do it.  They would coach me and give me tips on how to do it.  But, I couldn’t imagine myself doing it.  Over the weeks I would continue to watch them.   I really wanted to be able to do a back flip. So I kept imagining in my head what that would look like.  Eventually I was able to see myself doing it.  Once I got it in my head,  I did it!  Now I can do a back flip without thinking about it.  A dream may seem unrealistic but if you keep working on imagining it in your mind anything is possible.  Watch other people who have accomplished your dream.  Do what they do.  Practice what they do.  Listen to how they say to do it.  Dream it.  Envision it.   Seek Inspiration.  Do it.

5.     Doing something, is better than talking about what to do.  We will never accomplish anything if all we do is talk about it.  Make a move.  Big dreams mean action.  Find a mentor.  Find a hero.  Figure out how they did what they did and emulate it.  Start doing something.  If you’re trying to lose weight find out what worked for others and try to incorporate one or two of those tactics into your daily routine.  If you fail, again, you know what doesn’t work.  Try a new tactic.  Keep trying until you succeed.  Don’t give up.  If you want to start a business, find people who have started businesses.  Watch their utube videos, read their blogs, go to business classes, join a seminar.  Do something……you may not succeed exactly the way you imagined it but keep trying your path may lead you to even bigger dreams and greater success.

My husband always says I’m a dreamer….but I hope I’m not the only one.







Published by tlee423

Tawny lives in Maine with her husband (Ryan, a Maine Guide) and their dog. Together they lead adventures and provide mindset coaching for their company Maine Waypoint LLC. Tawny has a BS in Sports Medicine, is a health coach and certified cardiac tech, personal trainer, sports nutrition specialist, behavior change specialist, and Life Coach. She writes, coaches, adventures, and loves helping others discover how healthy living, nature, and having an adventure mindset can transform your life!

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