Undecided Decision.


I’ve found the topic of conversation in our home lately has been around decision making.  We’ve had a lot of practice making decisions over the last few years. When we built our home we had to decide on everything.  Sometimes there were too many choices and picking one seemed impossible.  Other times choosing was a matter of time and pressure to decide.  There were times when options were limited or financially based.  The point is that deciding had many factors but in the end it all boiled down to one thing: outcome.


What we decided on potentially lead to an outcome.  We spent a lot of time talking about potential outcomes and potential consequences.  In the end we have a home we love with some things we wish we would’ve done differently.  But looking back we made the best decisions with the information we had.  We chose to get information from those who had experience and were more knowledgeable than we were.  Honestly, if it weren’t for the people we surrounded ourselves with we may have found ourselves living in a tent.

I realized that we don’t think about most of the decisions we make because we make them out of habit.  For instance we get up, shower, brush our teeth, get ready for work and show up.  Did you realize every one of those actions is a choice?  Think about it.  You don’t have to go to work everyday.  I would argue there are a lot of people who choose not to.  In the end, it’s all about outcome.  We don’t think about the decision until we are faced with the reality that there is a decision to make.  For instance when you wake up sick you have to decide if going to work is the right thing to do.  Perhaps going to quick care for antibiotics is a better choice. Usually, I go to work and don’t think of it as a choice.  After all, I know the outcome of showing up includes a paycheck.


Deciding to decide takes courage.  It means taking control of your life.  It means being responsible for the outcome.  Those choices ultimately mean taking responsibility for our actions, good and bad.  That’s why we get stuck in indecision.  We are afraid that we might make the wrong decisions.  Unfortunately, procrastinating can result in the decision not to decide.  Deciding not to decide results in limiting opportunities, giving up your say in the outcome, and staying where you’re at instead of making progress.  Not deciding on a choice or an action IS a decision.


The most important thing you can do when you are procrastinating in decision-making is choose.  Take action!  Start by researching, asking questions, and investigating options.  As Christians we can look to the Bible for guidance in our decision making.  What does the Bible say about the decision?  Who can help you understand more about it?  Assess your motives.  Most importantly, Pray.


If you’ve done all that and you still can’t decide, it’s time you take a deep breath and make a decision.  Stop the analysis paralysis.  Get moving.  Your decision will lead to other decisions.  It will lead you down a path which is better than staying in one spot.  At the very least you’ll clarify along the way what it is you don’t want.  This can help you reevaluate where you are at and the direction you are headed.  If you need to change course you can.  Your decision doesn’t have to be a life sentence.  (As long as your moving in a positive direction.)


Decision making can be scary but the more decisions you make the better you will get at it.  You will gain confidence in your ability to decide which will help you to develop strategies for making better decisions in the future.  Eventually your good decisions may become habits that don’t require contemplation.  Happy Decision Making!


Published by tlee423

Tawny lives in Maine with her husband (Ryan, a Maine Guide) and their dog. Together they lead adventures and provide mindset coaching for their company Maine Waypoint LLC. Tawny has a BS in Sports Medicine, is a health coach and certified cardiac tech, personal trainer, sports nutrition specialist, behavior change specialist, and Life Coach. She writes, coaches, adventures, and loves helping others discover how healthy living, nature, and having an adventure mindset can transform your life!

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